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On Prayer

“Prayer is the converse of the mind with God”- Evagrius Ponticos .

“Just as nothing resembles God, so there is no ministry or work which resembles converse with God in stillness”. -St. Isaac the Syrian

Prayer Books

Orthodox Prayer Book

Orthodox Prayers

Prayers on this site


The Divine Liturgy

The Akathist

About Prayer

Prayer in the Orthodox Church

What is Prayer?

Prayer – The Breath of the Soul

Prayer as an important aspect of our spiritual life

How to set up a prayer corner in your home

Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer (Introduction) -.pdf

Saying the Jesus Prayer

The Jesus Prayer – Metropolitan Anthony Bloom

Practicing the Jesus Prayer– St. Ignatius Brianchaninov

Elder Paisios – On the Jesus Prayer

A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain

Interview with Metropolitan Jonah on the Jesus Prayer

On the Prayer of Jesus – St. Ignatius Brianchaninov (Audiobook)


St. Isaac the Syrian

St. Isaac the Syrian

St Isaac the Syrian  says we should:

  • Pray with attention – so that we can have a true encounter with God
  • Pray with humility – because this sort of prayer goes straight to God’s ear
  • Pray with affection and tears – with joy and thanksgiving, but also with true repentance and purity.
  • Pray with patience and ardour – ‘to deny oneself’ is courageously to persevere in prayer.
  • Pray from the depths of the heart – even if we pray using ‘the words of another’ they should be uttered as if they are our own. St. Isaac says this is especially true of the Psalms.
  • Pray with faith and absolute trust in God – because He knows our life.

Elder Cleopas Ilie of Rumania – On Prayer – Rumanian with English Subtitles

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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