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Bible, Prayer and Fasting

Posted by MMR on March 21, 2009

Last Friday we had a triple bargain special offer – three topics in the space of one talk written by Fr. Raphael Armour. (It was wonderfully well presented by his wife Carolyn.)

As Fr. Raphael said ‘some of the tried and tested ways of nourishing our Life in Christ are:

•    reading and studying the scriptures – the Bible
•    being in regular communication with God – Prayer
•    denying our self – Fasting.’

He also helped to answer Mrs Carlyle’s question and tried to show us how!

Now all that’s left is for us to try to put that how into practice.

To help we’ve added new pages about PrayerBible, and Fasting so we can start taking the excellent advice of those talks and put it  into practice in our everyday lives.

3 Responses to “Bible, Prayer and Fasting”

  1. Andreas said

    it was an absolutely wonderful talk, so much to cover and so little time. subjects to easily used in conversation and to justify one’s position, yet so easy to ‘misuse’. I have found that despite the fact that fast and prayer in particular are INDIVIDUAL acts (on the whole), people are so quick to discuss how OTHERS should be undertaking these or commenting on how others pray or fast!

    I know we fast together are certain times of year (this being one of them) and we pray together at Church, but my point is why is that feel they need to ask me outright ‘are you fasting’ – be quiet, I don’t need or want to tell you, just want a black coffee!!! Or, better still, why do people feel the need to tell me what I am allowed to eat during a fast – leave me alone, happy doing this with my own struggle and compliance of my spiritual Father’s assistance.

    I am being a bit flipant, but my point is the story Christ told about taking the log out of your own eye before you examine the splinter in your brother’s eye.

    Nonetheless, great talk about really fascinating subjects that affect each and every one of us.

    I can’t believe that there are just two more left, what are we to do on Friday’s????

  2. Marinaki said

    On Fridays?
    Come to the Orthodox Study Circle and Fellowship at St. Demetrios – of course!!!
    Starts Bright Week 7-9

  3. Vass said

    Check this web site out Our life in Christ and listen to the one that says March 5, 2006 : Lent Part 1, The Purpose of Lent, you can click on it and listen to the mp3 online or right click on the link and download. you also have

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