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THE HOLY SPIRIT: Comforter, Spirit of Truth!

Posted by phillippa00 on February 22, 2009

I certainly hope that you all enjoyed our evening on ‘The Holy Spirit’ – I for one learnt a great deal about the nature if the Holy Spirit and how it is revealed in our Church. Father Michael’s talk was thorough and full of clear examples that supported his points, if anyone found it a bit much to take in I can supply an electonic copy of the talk for you to read at you leisure!

On a personal note – it was reading Father Michael’s book – ‘A faith Fullfilled’  that inspired my decision to come home and embrace our Ancient Faith. He was formerly a Priest in the Church of England and the book details his journey. As I read it I found myself agreeing out loud and nodding vigorously as he laid our the truth of the Orthodox Church in such an accessible way!

I would encourage you all to follow up your experiences at The Way with extra reading if you can manage it – easier said than done I know! Regular reading of your Bible is clearly a great place to start – either a methodical book by book approach through the New Testament or following the daily readings of our Church Calendar (google DYNAMIS to get this info on line). Apart from the classics I have already mentioned ‘The Orthodox Way’ and ‘The Orthodox Church’ by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware – there is a wealth of material available in English. I will attempt to compile a list with some reviews and make it available on this blog. I invite you all to contribute to this – let me know what you are reading / what you have read that you have found useful / strengthening etc and for what reason(s) you have found it helpful.

Next week Father Michael will join us again to talk about the Church – there will be transcripts and notes available as per normal service!!!!

See you next week – God willing!

Love Philippa

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Our Marvellous Metropolitian…..

Posted by phillippa00 on February 16, 2009

What a great honour to have one of the leading theological lights of the Orthodox World join us! I so enjoyed  Metropolitan Kallisotos visit to our group last week – I really hope all of you that made it did too! It was a full house and everyone was thoroughly attentive, taking notes, nodding, muttering words like ‘here, here’ under their breath.

The subject was ‘The Person of Christ’ and the Metropolitan spoke at length regarding the various models for understanding who Christ was (teacher, Victor, Example etc) pointing out the various advantages and disadvantages to each one – concluding that we do not not have to choose – we can and should live in the light of them all! I hung to every word, and found his speech truely edifying.

Although there is no transcript available at present, there is the possibility of a CD as the talk was recorded. We also have some spare copies of the handout he prepared. Please let me know  if you are interested and I will investigate the costs / timeframe etc. 

I feel very proud  and truly encouraged to belong to a Church with a man of such faith, integrity and understanding in a position of leadership. I have both his books – The Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Way which have been a great service to me on my journey within our Ancient Faith and I would thoroughly recommend them to all!

Metropolitian Kallistos has been in touch with the Institute since his visit saying how he enjoyed the evening as was so delighted to see committment of those attending especially those he considers  to be ‘young people’. i am sure it is his hope that we will continue of our own journey’s to salvation – strenghtened by what we have learned.

I would so enjoy hearing your comments on the Metropolitian’s visit – or any aspect of our time together so far – please feel free to make a comment.

I look forward to seeing you all on Friday again – our topic is ‘THE HOLY SPIRIT’.

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A great evening – despite miserable weather!

Posted by phillippa00 on February 8, 2009

What a great evening! I really enjoyed our meeting last friday …. it was a great topic and threw up so many topics for discussion. All groups seemed to throw themselves into discussion and everyone had plenty to say.

The answer to our question ‘Why did Jesus come?’ is crucial to our faith as Orthodox Christians; it is of course LOVE. The essence of the Gospel is summed up in John3v16 ‘for God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”  This is the ultimate expression of God’s love for us. We need to know it our hearts and live it in our lives.

As for the ‘how ‘ aspect – this was explained clearly and precisely with the use of some beautiful examples of Orthodox icons, frescos and mosaics. Much in this section of the talk fuelled debate and animated discussion from partcipants and panel. Traditionally the nature of the Theotokos- often a stumbling block for enquirers into the Orthodox faith – sparks much passion amongst those who practise faithfully.

Where ever we stand on some of the questions raised, I encourage all to follow our speaker’s call to echo the words of St Paul with gladness; ”I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” That is the fundamental truth of our ancient faith.

Next week will be an amazing opportunity for us all to hear Metropolitian Kallistos speak on the topic ‘The Person of Christ’ and address questions to this great theologian and faithful practitioner of the Orthodox life. I am very excited and looking forward to the experience enormously. I do hope you will be able to join us!

Love in Christ



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We are on tonight

Posted by MMR on February 6, 2009

Dear Friends

I have had one or two enquires regarding our meeting tonight …. this is just to confirm that I am still fully expecting our speakers and for our evening to go a head despite miserable weather conditions!   I do hope you can make it! God Willing  -I look forward to seeing you all later .

Love Philippa

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