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The Dynamic Horologion And Psalter

Posted by MMR on June 10, 2009

The Dynamic Horologion And Psalter.

Just discovered this. It gives you the services and pslams for the particular hour of the day.

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The Illumined Heart

Posted by MMR on April 26, 2009

Fr. Michael Harper mentions the Way in his interview with Ancient faith Radio in America.

Listen to the program in a pop-up window – click here.

“A Journey From Canterbury to Antioch

35:21minsApril 24, 2009
Listen to the journey of former Anglican priest and early pioneer of the Charismatic Renewal in the United Kingdom to Orthodox Christianity. Fr Michael Harper is the Dean of the Antiochian Deanery of United Kingdom and Ireland, the pastor of St Botolph Antiochian Orthodox Church in London, and author of 18 books, including “A Faith Fulfilled.”

The Illumined Heart Site

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Before you go cold turkey!

Posted by MMR on April 25, 2009

I hear some people are getting The Way withdrawal symptoms.
Get your weekly Friday night Orthodox fix at St. Demetrios
Details here

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The Way – Your say!

Posted by phillippa00 on April 9, 2009


Dear Friends

Thank you so much for your participation, support and encouragement these past twelve weeks as we have journeyed together on ‘The Way’. As you are probably aware it was not plain sailing getting it off the ground and we owe Mario Naziri and his whole parish an enormous debt of thanks for hosting us and making it possible to go ahead. I think it is important for ‘The Way’ to be part of a parish community, and they made it very easy and a pleasure to work with them. Do not underestimate the amount of time and commitment these guys put in, especially on the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.

‘The Way’ has been up and running for years now, but I was never able to participate before as it was always too far to travel. It was always my hope to bring it to North London, and I am absolutely delighted that it was possible for us to achieve. Meeting you all on the journey has been such a tremendous blessing to me personally and I have been overwhelmed with your kindness and support throughout, and especially on our last evening. I have learnt a great deal about our ‘Ancient Faith’ – my level of knowledge, understanding and commitment has grown as a result of my experience. It seems that this is reflected widely in your experience too.

I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the comments from the evaluation forms I have received:

Responses to: How did you find the talks?

Enlightening and warming for the soul.

Well presented, topics well explained,.



Detailed, informative and enlightening.

Responses to: What is it that you are able to take ‘home’ from the WAY?


How true and authentic Orthodox Christianity remains, in this distorted mixed up world we live in!

Piety, humility and reassurance that God is there when we seek and He confirms this in shared discussion with believers and by enriching our understanding. Further I felt comforted that I do belong to a congregation with history and legacy.

The way has given me a new direction into my religion. For the first time I was able to understand matters which were previously unknown to me. I also very much enjoyed my visit to the church of Father Harper.

A sense of community and togetherness

A  sense of belonging and spiritual well-being provides daily bread for strength

Answers, Light, Knowledge and a greater faith!

More than words can say

Response to:  What was the most memorable moment at the WAY?


I was very much inspired by the people (especially some of the lectures) who discovered Orthodox Christianity much later in life.  They embrace each and every part of Orthodox Christianity feeding and sharing their spiritual knowledge and the love it fills them, to us all.


Meeting everyone and made to feel so welcome and so part of a FAMILY


Metropolitian Kallistos Talk (on the Person of Christ)


Talk on the Bible, Prayer and Fasting – offered very practical advice


Responses to: How would describe the atmosphere at the WAY?

It was great to see such cultural diversity and the atmosphere was warm and friendly.


Hospitable, warm and spiritually focussed


Kind, accepting and warm


Other comments:


I THANK everyone for making me feel so welcome and for SHARING THEIR LOVE! Also, a big thank you to the faculty and the commitment of the speakers and the content of their lectures and for the supplementary priests that enriched each meeting with their personal knowledge.


A very big thank you to you all for arranging The Way . I am sure you have given us all the opportunity to examine our religion and to be proud that we belong there.


Food for the soul is paramount.  We need to climb above the clouds and see life more spherically.  Our faith allows us to succeed in doing so.  Gathering together only helps re-enforce that and by allowing the Lord to look after us and guide us, we lead a much more complete and happy life.






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Bible, Prayer and Fasting

Posted by MMR on March 21, 2009

Last Friday we had a triple bargain special offer – three topics in the space of one talk written by Fr. Raphael Armour. (It was wonderfully well presented by his wife Carolyn.)

As Fr. Raphael said ‘some of the tried and tested ways of nourishing our Life in Christ are:

•    reading and studying the scriptures – the Bible
•    being in regular communication with God – Prayer
•    denying our self – Fasting.’

He also helped to answer Mrs Carlyle’s question and tried to show us how!

Now all that’s left is for us to try to put that how into practice.

To help we’ve added new pages about PrayerBible, and Fasting so we can start taking the excellent advice of those talks and put it  into practice in our everyday lives.

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Holy Mysteries – Bringers of Life

Posted by phillippa00 on March 16, 2009

One of the things I often find myself saying in response to the question ‘So, why did YOU become Orthodox?’ is that I feel I have come home to the true, full understanding and expression of the faith established by our Lord Jesus Christ. Previously, I suppose I enjoyed aspects, parts, glimpses – but a shadow of the Ancient Faith I am immersed in now. One of the things I am so delighted by is the rhythm of life in the Church, daily, weekly and through the seasons -sometimes fasting, other times feasting! Regardless of the time though I am encouraged to participate in the Holy Mysteries of our Church. In my experience (- relatively short though it is!) there is much strength and abundant blessings when we throw ourselves on God’s mercy and receive the sacraments. I heartily encourage you all to participate too – with the appropriate preparation of course, and when ever possible under the direction of a Spiritual Father.

I am very fortunate to be guided by a Spiritual Father that I fully trust and respect, and try to by guided by him in all things. This is a very important relationship in my life and I know that it has brought me closer to the person I should be. It is not so easy to find someone here in the UK, as only a few Priest’s have a blessing to hear confession. However, a telephone call or e mail to the Archdiocese will, I am sure,  produce a list of names and locations – then the ball is in your court!

I was very encouraged by the Archbishop’s visit last week and for us all to receive his blessing. I think it is very important that he is left in no doubt how important understanding is to the faithful. How we long to learn and increase our commitment, and how that is really only possible through the medium of English. When THE WAY draws to a close I will write to him – and try to have a meeting with him to convey our concerns and desires. It would be helpful to have your comments to quote from – so please feel free!

This week it is ‘The Bible and Fasting’ – looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

Love Philippa

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Archbishop Gregorios visit on Friday

Posted by MMR on March 10, 2009

The Salutations (Χαιρετισμοί) will start at 6:30pm at St. Raphael’s (our host parish) and, I believe,  His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios will be present in Church. It would be lovely if lots of people could make it to the service. It will finish by 7:30pm which leaves us plenty of time to attend the Way in the Hall next door.

It’s hoped that His Eminence can be persuaded to attend and partake of some of our lovely fasting food – as his schedule allows. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Akathist Links

The Akathist Hymn and Small Compline GOArch

The Akathist Hymn – with introduction GOC Australia

Western Music Version – Sung Russian Style


Akathist Hymn – Video Documentary (Real Audio)

Akathist Hymn – Video Documentary (In Browser)


Eikona – The Akathist Hymn in English

Learn to Chant – The Akathist Hymn in English

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Our Heavenly Divine Liturgy!

Posted by phillippa00 on March 7, 2009

I so enjoyed our talk last night and my enthusiasm for our Divine Liturgy was further stimulated! To worship with the whole company of heaven …. what joy! I am very grateful to our wondrous Marina with all her resources – such a great encouragement to us who really need that support in English. Try to make time to read so your knowledge grows and you feel more and more at home in the services. I feel so privileged to part of a Church that is so full and rich in its services – I was fascinated to here all the intricacies that Father Michael shared with us.

It seems that the issue of understanding is something that we keep revisiting, our longingto understand and fully participate in our first language. We must keep telling those who run our Churches, keep letting them know how we feel and why. We need to support and encourage the ordination of ‘home grown’ Priests for whom serving in English will not be a problem. We need to be seen to participate in whatever English services are offered so the ‘thirst’ is demonstrated. I know there is frustration when these things are offered on Saturdays etc – but it is better than nothing.

I thoroughly recommend attendance at St Botolphs, Father Michael and Alexander’s Church at Liverpool St and would say that the journey is well worth it. We were discussing participation a lot in our group yesterday, and this is most definitely encouraged – the congregation chants the service with the choir, the whole service is in English. My heart soars as my seven year old daughter sings the liturgy – it is becoming a part of her life, internalised from her childhood! Also there are regular English Liturgies at the Monastery in Essesx on a Saturday starting at 7.ooam – followed by breakfast! Both of theses require a bit of planning and travel – but you have to put something in to get something out – you will be richly blessed!

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The Divine Liturgy

Posted by MMR on March 7, 2009

It was so good to see everyone again. It was also great to be able to attend the Salutations to the Mother of God (Χαιρετισμοί) within the Church of our host parish and enjoy more of their warm hospitality.  Next week it will be even easier as they will be starting the service even earlier just for us! I was also amazed to see the real effort people had made tonight preparing fasting food. An enjoyable lenten treat!

For those who couldn’t make it tonight you really did miss a lively and inspiring talk that was about the very centre of our Faith: The Divine Liturgy. Below I’m adding some resources for everybody so that we can much better understand something that is absolutely essential for our way of ‘being’  Orthodox Christians: The Divine Liturgy – The Eucharist.


This is designed for school students in the UK, but is also good for us. Do you remember how Father Michael explained the significance of the prosphora bread and the preparation of the Eucharist?Well here is a video of what the priest does and an interactive prosphora which you can roll your mouse over and learn what each part represents! See also Introduction to Worship in the Orthodox Church for a more detailed look!

Or how about a narrated slide show with the priest explaining what happens in his parish?

Text of the Liturgy

A note about the different liturgies: The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is the one used throughout most of the year. The Liturgy of St. Basil is celebrated about 10 times a year, including the Sundays of Lent. During weekdays in Lent we have the Service of the Presanctified Gifts.

Various translations


Music for the Divine Liturgy

More fun Orthodox stuff from CLEO net

Click below and make a comment if you’ve found this useful, or have anything more to add.

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Ancient Faith Radio – spiritual nourishment for all….IN ENGLISH

Posted by phillippa00 on March 4, 2009

I cannot recommend this station enough, I started listening a year ago after Father Justin, a deacon at St Botolph’s told me about it. I am delighted that Marina included it in her entry on resources, and I know many others have listened and found it as encouraging and nourishing as me. It is available through the Internet at present – I listen to it on my lap top at home as I cook or clean up etc.

You can choose  Orthodox Music or Talk – I choose talk generally – then their is a list of podcasts you can download or link to – and the choice is incredible. I like ‘Close to home’ which focuses on family, home and community; An Illumined Heart – people with inspirational Orthodox experiences are interviewed at length (inc Father Zacharias from Essex, and Father Michael is soon to be added too!); Orthodixie – delivered by my other Father Joseph – a fellow convert who sometimes finds the whole ethnic thing a little trying ….. there is Bible Study, Saints of the Day…. it is endless and it is all in ENGLISH…… try it out, it will be such a blessing!

Love Philippa

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